Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We are Live! Wednesdays at Heirloom Meals Radio

Heirloom Meals Radio talks with Madeline Finnerty who shares with us the culinary traditions of 3 generations of women out of Stockbridge, MA. Her interview, memories and recipes truly embody what the Heirloom Meals project is all about as she takes us down food memory lane as a young girl growing up in an Irish/German family in the Berkshires where the power of observation effects her cooking style and know-how today. We will be positing visuals of Madeline's handwritten, heirloom recipes and hopefully some video of her in the kitchen so stay posted! Also, if you are local and listening, maybe your family story overlaps with Madeline's in which case please please share! Did you buy fudge at the church bake sale or grow up on Goodrich street too? Let's try and piece together the local Heirloom Meals history of our hometown!

Carole Murko 20100602 1300.mp3

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