Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are LIVE! Wednesday

Nothing beats a Montini sister's story, period. That conclusion we came to long before today's radio show which featured the local tales and memories of Donna Kresiak and Dale DeVarrenes, who also happen to be two of Carole's good friends. Growing up in what has been deemed the Little Italy neighborhood of of Lee, Massachusetts, Donna and Dale grew up making food a family affair- the likes of which Heirloom Meals as yet to hear of. If you look up 'homemade' in the dictionary you are likely to find a picture of the Montini family who boasted their own grappa, wine, vinegar, sausage, preserves, salami; the list goes on and on. It should go without saying that an hour with these two women was not enough to share with our listeners the amount of knowledge, laughs and history that they miraculously have between the two of them - but what a wonderful show it was! Press play and enjoy!

Carole Murko 20100721 1300.mp3

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