Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are LIVE! Wednesdays at Heirloom Meals with Becky Sue Epstein

While Becky Sue Epstein's culinary heritage is quite interesting, it's her handy reference called Substituting Ingredients that is a MUST for all cooks - aspiring or seasoned!! Host, Carole Murko, navigates the listener through Becky Sue's upbringing - she had a catering grandmother, lived overseas in Switzerland where kids brought bread and chocolate for lunch, and ended up as a restaurant reviewer for the LA Times before becoming a wine connoisseur, food writer and consultant. Substituting Ingredients is truly a great tool for the home cook - it will solve any missing ingredient disaster and provides some very sage advice and tips. Thank you Becky Sue - this one's on my Christmas list for all my friends!!

Carole Murko 20101006 1300.mp3

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