Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are LIVE! Wednesdays at Heirloom Meals with Jo Bracken (well, sort of)

Today, Jo Bracken was to be a our guest but technical difficulties arose - we could hear her but she could not hear me.  Not the best scenario for an interview.

With that said, the daughter of the iconic cookbook writer, Peg Bracken has just revised and republished for its 50th anniversary, The I Hate to Cook Book.
Imagine growing up in the 1960's with a Mom who had the courage to tell it like it was!  Peg Bracken was as witty as they come!!  She was one of those people who hated to cook but mastered the art of using canned soups, cake mixes and well-greased casserole dishes.  Her wit and humor is scattered throughout the pages intermingled with such recipes as Sub Gum Yuk, Turkey Divan, Chicken Rice-Roger, CanCan Casserole and Hootenholler Whiskey Cake.

This book is a classic, if not for the recipes , but as a period cult classic - the generation that embraced the new industrialized food - using them to liberate them from toiling in the kitchen.  And I confess, I might make the spinach surprise and the Chicken Rice-Roger (that is if the canned soup is low sodium, has no MSG or preservatives) for the fun of it!!

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